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Resources from and For Peace Corps Tonga and Community

Paul Jurmo, the former Director of Programming and Development for Peace Corps/Tonga, has published six academic articles and reports detailing the work that Peace Corps Tonga has accomplished in the education sector: 
-“Re-Thinking English Literacy Development in Tonga: A Case Study, 2012-2017”. 
-“Peace Corps/Tonga Reader”: 
-“Tech Tools for Literacy in Tonga”: 
-“What to Teach and How to Teach It (in the Tonga English Literacy Project)” 
-“‘Atakai ‘o e Ako” (“The Environment of Learning”) 
-“ Idea Book for English Literacy Facilitators

He writes, “Though these documents and videos focus primarily on the first five years of the project (2012 through 2017), I’m pleased to report that this good work continues. All those involved in making this happen (PCVs, PC staff at post and HQ, our national- and local-level partners, the children we served, and U.S. taxpayers) should be happy and proud about what we have accomplished. The above-described documents and videos were prepared as resources for others (in Tonga, at HQ, and in other nations) to learn from and build on.”

To see a video about the Project, visit .

Tonga's post’s web site also has descriptions (under ) of PCV activities, along with sample resources (including the above-described documents and sample Sight Word Books) under  (Note: Watch for an additional article about the project that is scheduled to appear in an upcoming issue of the Worldview Magazine of the National Peace Corps Association.)