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The Ta'anga Kindergarten Re-Building Project

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The Kindergarten in Ta'anga, 'Eua is one of the only locations on the island where parents can send their children for kindergarten. On February 3rd, Cyclone Gita, a category 5 cyclone (category 4 hurricane) hit the Kingdom of Tonga and destroyed much of its infrastructure, including the building the Ta'anga was using for the kindergarten class.  Although the community is working to rebuild a hall for the community, the kindergarten is currently using a donated UNICEF tent. The cyclone also destroyed all of the school supplies that the teacher and community had purchased for the class.

 With your donation, Friends of Tonga will be able to create a specialized kindergarten building. The teacher's goal is to create a kindergarten where her students feel comfortable and safe. With a building specified for these students to learn in, students will be provided with the foundation they need to succeed in primary school and beyond. 

 *Update:  We are so excited to share that our local community partners have started building the kindergarten and expect it to be finished by November 2020!  Thank you to all of our donors who helped us reach our initial goal of 40K! New donations will go towards additional construction expenses as well as purchasing school supplies and furniture.