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  • The Kingdom of Tonga

    The Friendly Islands

  • Education

    Targeting and administering aid to the most needy students so they have the resources available to succeed. 

  • Tongan Culture

    Promoting awareness of Tonga, its culture, and history.

  • Preserving Nature

    Boosting awareness on how climate change is affecting the Kingdom of Tonga and the entire Polynesian region. 

  • Connecting Community

    Bringing together those invested in the welfare of the Kingdom of Tonga.

  • Collaboration

    All programming and projects are designed and implemented, in collaboration, with Tongan communities. 


Mālō e lelei and Welcome to Friends of Tonga® Inc.

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Hau O Kau He Siakale


What We Do

Friends of Tonga is a charitable organization that supports educational and developmental opportunities in the Kingdom of Tonga; raises awareness about issues affecting Tongan society; and connects all people who have a vested interest in the welfare of the Kingdom.


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